Cornetto Player and Historical Mouthpieces

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I began making mouthpieces in 2008 to explore the varied collection of surviving cornetto mouthpieces and experiment with different bowl shapes, proportions and designs to find one that was easy to play over the whole range of the instrument, produced an excellent sound and was based on historical evidence. Since 2011 I have offered mouthpieces for the serpent, natural trumpet and sackbut, and I continue to add items to my list. I have a growing list of customers both professional and amateur in the UK and Europe and as far as America, Australia and Japan.

I turn all my mouthpieces by hand to customers requirements and specifications, large and small diameters, wide and thin rims. I take great care in highly polishing the mouthpieces. This is not only aesthetic but feels more comfortable on the lips and contributes to the sound and response of the mouthpiece and instrument. I try to keep a selection of the more popular sizes and can send you a mouthpiece if you would like to try something and then suggest changes. I also copy original mouthpieces and new ones if the maker can no longer be contacted.

I have also undertaken custom work for other makers and for private customers, including historical reproductions for the University of Edinburgh Musical Instrument Museums, mouthpieces and instrument finishing for Christopher Monk Instruments, bagpipes, repairing chips on recorders and shawm pirouettes.

One area I have focused on in particular is the shoulder or throat of the mouthpiece, my goal, to make a more historical mouthpiece. The sharp throat makes a marked difference to the intonation of and stability of the instrument, this is especially noticeable on the larger cornetti and serpents. I make my mouthpieces with both sharp and semi-rounded throats. The semi-rounded throat removes most of the air  in the sound whilst retaining most of the clarity and attack of the sharp throat.

Read more about historical serpent and cornett mouthpieces.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information about custom mouthpieces.

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